Rocky Mountain Council PDCA

The Southern Colorado Chapter is Painting it Forward!

20160109_123412Southern Colorado PDCA Chapter Completes Charity Work

Each year the members of the Southern Colorado chapter of the PDCA complete a charity project in the region. Past projects have included a day of free painting for the Ronald McDonald House, The Boy Scouts of America, The Marion House and many others. This year the chapter chose to help Ecumenical Social Ministries or ESM. ESM is located in downtown Colorado Springs and has two objectives. They work to support the homeless with clothing, showers, food and assistance finding housing and jobs, but they also work to keep families in their home with a food pantry, rent and utility assistance, as well as help finding a new or better job. The Southern Colorado PDCA worked on a Saturday and painted the client hallway that leads to all client services and the computer room and offices of the job center. Both Pittsburgh Paints and Behr Paint donated paint to complete the project. We had four member painting companies working on the project and PPG even sent a volunteer to paint with us!

— Article Courtesy of Audra Ruffennach 2016

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