Rocky Mountain Council PDCA

Maintain Balance

Hello to all RMC Members,We are in the ‘heat of it now’! I hope your business has plenty of business. Moreover, I hope you are actively pursuing a good balance to all aspects of your life – family, work and play. I have been, and it is very beneficial on all fronts.

As a commercial painting contractor, it is certainly a little busier, and the industry continues a slow uptick in growth.  There aren’t very many larger projects, but there is more activity with mid-size and smaller projects.  Here in Utah, though we have the advantage of State Licensing, there continues to be a movement by some to lower the standards and requirements for same.  Workforce continues to be a challenge for most open shop contractors, especially if you are looking to hire more than just a couple new employees.  Even finding one or two can be challenging.

General Contractors are becoming more and more burdensome with their paperwork (regardless if digital or paper) requiring us subcontractors to do just as much paper shuffle for small projects as the larger projects.  Many GCs now require additional and deductive pricing up front, even before the bid award.  Recently, due the GC’s contract requirements with owners and developers, we’ve seen two projects where mandated limits on our profit and overhead are included in the contract.   Not complaining, just sharing some of the challenges.

On striving to maintain a good balance to all aspects of your life, I’d suggest attending the 104th Annual Convention of the Rocky Mountain Council.  The theme is right in line with my pursuit of good life balance – Everything Counts! Join the members of the Salt Lake City chapter who are hosting this year’s convention, September 18th to 20th right here in greater Salt Lake City. Get away for a few days with your family or staff, for some fun, networking and learning.  I hope to see you there.

Here’s to your success!

John ‘Dee’ Grow, RMC PDCA President

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